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You are term set 2 data collection launched term set 2 data collection launched

we've just deployed the second phase of the tagging experiment. at

the steve tagger (a piece of open-source software) is a key tool in our IMLS-funded study of the contribution social tagging and folksonomy can make to on-line access to art collections. throughout our experiement we'll be varying the interface of the tagger to find out what encourages

and we'll also be studying the results of tags, to see if they are:

  • real words (we're using word net)
  • terms from our discipline (we're using the AAT and ULAN)
  • new to the museum (we're comparing to museum documentation)
  • appropriate to the work of art (we're doing term-by-term review).

the research process is described in the attached diagram.

we're looking forward to sharing the results of our study with the community. If you'd like to participate, please come by.