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New Pew Stats: American Adults and Social Networks

There's a new update out from the Pew Internet and American Life Project about "Adults and Social Network Sites". See the summary at and download the report from

Of note: 35% of american adults have a profile on an on-line social network site.

But younger adults are far more likely to use social networks than older people: 75% of those 18-24 yrs old had a profile,  vs 7% of those older than 65.

Use is more likely to be personal than professional, and people are keeping up with those they know, rather than trying to make new friends. It would be interesting to see how this breaks down across sites, because as we know, we're not all the same in each place. As the report notes, the same individual often maintains multiple profiles for different facets of their life [for me, it's more like different facets of my life pedominate on different sites].