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New Grant Competition: Digging Into Data Challenge

A new grant opportunity for projects exploring large-scale data analysis has been announced, supporting collaborative research in Canada, the US and the UK that makes use of large data sets.

From their Web site:

The Digging
into Data Challenge
is an international grant
competition sponsored by four leading research agencies, the Joint
Information Systems Committee (JISC) from the United Kingdom, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) from the United States, the National Science Foundation (NSF) from the United States, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) from Canada. 

What is the "challenge" we speak of?  The idea behind the Digging
into Data Challenge
is to answer the question "what do you do with a
million books?"  Or a million pages of newspaper? Or a million
photographs of artwork?  That is, how does the notion of scale affect
humanities and social science research? Now that scholars have access
to huge repositories of digitized data -- far more than they could read
in a lifetime -- what does that mean for research?  

Applicants will form international teams from at least two of the
participating countries.  Winning teams will receive grants from two or
more of the funding agencies and, one year later, will be invited to
show off their work at a special conference. Our hope is that these
projects will serve as exemplars to the field.

[ ...]

The goals of the initiative are

  • to promote the development and deployment of innovative research techniques in large-scale data analysis;
  • to
    foster interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars in the
    humanities, social sciences, computer sciences, information sciences,
    and other fields, around questions of text and data analysis;
  • to promote international collaboration; and
  • to work with data repositories that hold large digital collections to ensure efficient access to these materials for research.

Deadlines: letter of intent by March 15, 2009. Final applications due July 15, 2009.

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Museums with content that could be used in this initiative should consider adding their names to the List of Data Repositories at


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