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MW2008: the proposals are coming, the proposals are coming ...

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well, true to form, we've been watching the proposals for Museums and the Web 2008 flow in all day. what is it about our always on culture that's embedded this last minute madness in the way we work?

i know that even though it's late on friday (most places) we'll see some more filter in tonight. and then there's tomorrow and the next day (did anyone notice it was a weekend?); we didn't when we set the deadline...

ah well – we know that there's a problem in museum culture: a lack of time to be reflective, even though that's one of the things we try to provoke in our work [thinking, learning, seeing anew – aren't these what we want our visitors to do?].

as our small contribution to collective memory, we've insisted on written papers for Museums and the Web (and we keep them all online).

so now, make that reflexive jump towards the next deadline: September 30, 2007. Museums and the Web, Montreal, April 9-12, 2008. Call for Particiption. we want to see your best work, and participate in the process of discussing, documenting and sharing it. we can all take some time out to learn.