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International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (ICHIM07) Papers On-line

ICHIM07 - cultural heritage informatics in torontopapers are now on-line for ICHIM07 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 24-26, 2007. over 50 groups will be reporting at ICHIM07 on the state of the art in cultural heritage informatics, and plotting the issues we face in the future. see the list at

i'm impressed by the breadth of work represented; ICHIM has always bitten off a broader swath of the museum computing universe than Museums and the Web. but in this year's presentations we're going from the Caves of Lascaux and sculptures of Henry Moore – both documented in great detail so that their physical character can be conserved in posterity – to augmented realities, where information space and 'real' space interpenetrate, and Second Life, which is a world of its own. we're computing individually, playing hand-held games, and socially, in networked spaces. this set of papers show us how far we've come from the text on the left screen and image on the right that was the reality of ICHIM91.

anyone who belongs to 'web conference junkies' knows that meetings aren't about listening to papers [yes, i did say that from a plenary podium once]. they are about meeting people, getting ideas, and making plans for what's next. that's why we publish papers in advance: so you can get up to speed; find out who's doing interesting stuff; and make sure you arrange to meet them ... and so you can figure out who that interesting person was ... if only you'd got their card ...

i'm looking forward to the time-out from the daily grind that seeing everyone in Toronto will provide [even if i can't take it too easy as a conference chair!].

hope to see you in Toronto.