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You are hereFluid Engage: my intro as a project advisor

Fluid Engage: my intro as a project advisor

two things that i would like to bring to Fluid Engage :

web pages i showed:

Archives & Museum Informatics [our home page]

Museums and the Web 2009 [annual conference series]

Zoomerang MW2009 Evaluation results [see Q. 13: at my instution i am ...] [an online professional community - here!]

Yahoo Pipe for Museums and the Web related content [pipe itself at]

On-line bibliography of past Museums and the Web and ICHIM papers [and some other stuff... not comprehensive but a starting point]

Blog post: final report [results of research into user tagging of museum collections]

Museums and the Web Benchmarking Survey, 2005 [shows the diversity of museum web work and organizational positioning]


Other things i might have mentioned [easily google-able]:

MESL: Museum Educational Site Licensing Project

AMICO: Art Museum Image Consortium

CDWA: Categories for the Description of Works of Art


did i miss anything?