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25 random things about archives & museum informatics

we were tagged by the IMA a while back, in the 25 random things 'chain letter' that's been haunting the web in its various incarnations. from the better-late-than-never school of thought comes our 25:

  1. asking something non-essential in march usually means a longer lead-time, since we're living and breathing logistics for  Museums and the Web
  2. Museums and the Web 2009 will be in Indianapolis, April 15-19, 2009 [did i mention that was on my mind...]
  3. i can type those URls without thinking because they've been logically consistent since 1999. it took us two years to find our feet...
  4. archives & museum informatics is a partnership of David Bearman and Jennifer Trant.
  5. partnership means 2 -- that's right -- two, and only two of us in the office. this is part of the explanation for 1. above
  6. Slate makes three.
  7. despite almost 10 years in the office, slate hasn't learned how to file.
  8. neither has David, and that's after more than 10 years ;(
  9. the best preparation for a career in cultural informatics appears to be Religious Studies. that's the only course everyone in the office has taken at university.
  10. Slate has been to university – even to Robarts Library – but he didn't enroll.
  11. other academic concentrations include History (Canadian, Medieval, History of Science, Intellectual History, History of Medicine), Art History, Anthropology and Early Childhood Education. what seems to be important is that no two degrees are in the same subject.
  12. apparently you don't need to graduate from high school to enroll in a PhD course ... twice.
  13. there are three unfinshed PhDs in the office at the moment. one will be done this year.
  14. Slate hasn't started a PhD.
  15. we'd rather be sailing (or at least i would. David's learning to share my addictions).
  16. or at the island (anywhere there are more boats than people).
  17. Slate goes for a walk on the beach every morning (in the winter)
  18. he lets us come too, which is good, or there would be days when we'd get far too much screen time.
  19. i've taken a picture of Lake Ontario from the off-leash area almost every winter morning since 2005. that's a lot of ice.
  20. there are four times as many computers as people here ... not counting the dead ones ... or the ones that are just shut down.
  21. i've performed music in public twice this year.
  22. David thinks that should be "music".
  23. my first full-time, permanent job was cataloguing the Prints and Drawings collection at the National Gallery of Canada. opening boxes of beautiful things and describing what's in there. it doesn't get any better than that.
  24. David worked with someone who was in Louis Pasteur's lab -- when Pasteur was still there!
  25. his first federal grant application  – which was successful  – was written while David was changing diapers. plus ça change ... 

so there it is. don't think i can come up with 25 people to tag with this though... feel free to volunteer ;) or just let this die a natural death, having learned many useless things here.