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Survey on Computer Exhibits in Museums


We are resubmitting a grant proposal to fund Open Exhibits, a project that will allow us to develop, test, and disseminate open source software built specifically for museum exhibits.

The Open Exhibits software, templates, modules, source code, training opportunities, and prototype exhibits will be made freely available to museums. The exhibits will be built using Adobe Flash (ActionScript 3 and Flex). We are planning on building-in support for multitouch gestures and multiuser applications. We also intend to build-in support for external devices such as sensors, cameras, buttons, and unusual displays. The exhibit modules will work for both the museum floor and the Web.

Once again, we are seeking feedback from other museum professionals so we can tailor our project to meet the needs of the field. We have put together a survey to help us assess those needs: to gain insight into the state of computer-based interactive exhibits in a variety of museums, to gauge interest in the Open Exhibits software, and to better understand museums’ technical expertise and constraints.

We will gladly share the results with anyone who completes the survey. Anyone from any type of museum or informal educational organization is encouraged to respond.

You can take the survey and learn more about the project at:

Thanks for your help and participation.

Jim Spadaccini