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Call for nominations - 2009 Jodi Awards

Jodi Awards 2009 – national and international this year

Call for nominations - Contact: Ross Parry, Jodi Mattes Trust, tel 0116 252 3963. Email:

Nominations are now being sought for the Jodi Awards  2009. The awards are for museums, galleries, libraries, archives, arts organisations and heritage venues that use digital technology to widen access to information, collections learning and creativity for disabled people .

MW2009 Backchannel Stars - pictured

Just before the closing MW2009 plenary on Saturday April 18 we rewarded the efforts of some really busy people. Not only had these guys and gals been busy attending and running workshops, sessions, crit rooms and more, they also found time to take pics, send Tweets and write blog posts about #mw2009. There was also the small matter of evening socialising going on too...

MW2009 Backchannel Stars for Saturday

Only 24 hours after our last burst of backchannel backslapping, we're here with some more awards. After a great morning of sessions in the conference rooms, you've been feverishly Tweeting, blogging and shooting Flickr pics.

It's been great reading the messages and seeing how people are making associations and connections within the backchannel. People outside the conference have been Tweeting into the feed from outside, and we're really pleased to see some great blog posts on your own sites - which we're going to recognise now.

MW2009 - The Backchannel Awards (part one)

So far, at MW2009, we've had a dizzy time keeping up with masses of really great interaction across Twitter, Flickr and this site, the conference blog. It's been just what we planned - the emergence of a new conversation space which works in different digital places and spaces.

You can be part of the Museums and the Web conversation from afar, from another session, from the floor, and from even from the platform too. There's now more ways to put your voice out here, and more ways to get feedback - and that's surely a great thing. 

Unconference - managing social media

notes by Alexandra McIntosh and Katie Wittenauer

Catching up with the Twitter Backchannel

Right after the opening plenary this morning there was a great buzz about our #mw2009 Twitter backchannel. Quite a few people were asking if they'd be able to look at Tweets that popped up during the session later on - so here's how.

There are two big, basic routes: firstly look at the Twitter feed that's down there on the right hand side of this website, under the heading 'MW2009 on the Web'.

My first blog entry of the conference - don't forget to have a great time on the tours!

Wow - that was a bumpy flight in across from Philly! I seemed to be the only #mw2009 participant on the plane. As I gripped the seat in front I wondered if there'd be a pint of ale waiting at the hotel to steady the horizon a bit...

Today - Tuesday morning - MW Tours begin to leave the Hotel from around 9am. Make sure that if you're booked on a tour that you don't miss the bus! 

#MW2009 on-line mentor Jon Pratty - getting people together in the backchannel

Something social, networked and slightly different is happening at #mw2009. From a small base in the Directors Room, our team of editorial volunteers will be actively weaving threads between Twitter comment, external blogs, and live post-session feedback.

We’ll collect everything onto while ideas are still buzzing. It's about weaving together all sorts of voices, on all kinds of platforms, telling the story of the place and the space as we unfold our sessions, workshops and in-between moments.

Joining us up - or splitting up the web?

Semantic Webs - and The Rest of the World

While Ross Parry is facilitating our SW workshop (Friday,
12.30 till 1.30) at MW 2008, the digital museum community in the UK is carrying
on the debate Ross opened up for comment in the session.

Yahoo Pipes - what's it all about?

Before my workshop I'm looking at how Yahoo Pipes works. Is there anyone at MW 07 who has used this interesting new setup?