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Demonstration Offers Out

We've completed reviewing all the Demonstration Proposals for MW2011 in Philadelphia and sent offers to museum participants wishing to show the progress they have made in the past year. As always, the Demonstrations are a way for museum staff attending the conference to brag about what they've done and/or get advice and help from others. It's all about sharing and feedback.

Demonstration sessions continue to be hugely popular. Although we've had to turn down a few proposals that came from commercial firms and developers because these sessions are not intended for them (they have the option of exhibiting), we are pleased that once again we have been able to accommodate those who want to participate. It turns out that this year we have an extra session because the exhibit hall will be open on Saturday - we will need that to get everyone in. The demonstrations, best of the web showcases and exhibits will occupy the largest exhibit hall we've ever had at MW, and it looks as if it will house the largest number of commercial exhibits too.

We will announce the full Demonstration pogram later this month once all those receiving offers have had an opportunity to respond.