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40+ useful tweets in 4 days!: Twitter aggregation as a means of sharing community knowledge

I was a skeptic about twittering, seeing it as useless chatter, until in the weeks leading up to this year's conference, I found I was becoming a regular reader of twitter feeds tagged #MW2009 because they were producing one or two url's a day that were useful references.

Now that we are back, and I have a moment away from the logistics of running a conference, I am pleased to see that during the meeting the number of useful references increased even from one or two to over ten a day. I thought it might be helpful to share with others the tweets I found that referenced interesting sites, posts or tools, since there were many hundreds to sort through.

Jennifer says I should have used screen captures to show these tweets rather than simply listing them, but this troglodyte fails to see how that adds value:-)

David Bearman’s list of tweets from #MW2009 with lasting value (April 14-18):

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I applaud your acceptance (and even highlighting) of the Twitter backchannel at Museums and the Web this year. I look forward to you guys continuing to use it to the extent that you come to realize the value that is found in the collective stream that transcends individual Tweets. I can hardly imagine giving an award at MW for "best individual web page," as we all understand that the impact of a site as a whole transcends the value of any individual part. It is the same with Twitter, where the sum total of someone's stream of Tweets gauges their value to a conversation better than any single out-of-context quote ever can. I believe you will come to know this as you use the service, and look forward to how that knowledge and experience are applied next year at MW2010!