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Rich Experiences for All Participants

TitleRich Experiences for All Participants
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsNevile, L., Lissonnet S., & Treviranus J.
Secondary TitleMuseums and the Web 2004: Proceedings
Conference Start DateMarch 31 - April
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedWashington DC / Arlington VA, USA
EditorBearman, D., & Trant J.
KeywordsAccessForAll, accessibility, metadata, user needs and preferences, user profiles

Museums are developing devices, portable and wearable that can, in many cases, be used to enrich cultural participants' experiences. These standard user access points may be made accessible to everyone equally through work by Assistive Technology Research Centre (ATRC) ( and now others to develop a user profile known in its IMS instantiation as the ACCLIP ( . This paper aims to encourage museums to enable their information devices and systems to accommodate user needs as expressed in accessibility metadata profiles. In this way, these museum devices will be truly inclusive. There is also consideration of some extensions to the accessibility architecture that may have specific value in the museum context. Starting with achievements to date, we provide examples of how the accessForAll element and matching resource descriptions might be used and extended for museum purposes.