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Integrating Museum & Bibliographic Information: The Sculpteur Project

TitleIntegrating Museum & Bibliographic Information: The Sculpteur Project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsLe Bœuf, P., Lahanier C., Aitken G., Sinclair P., Lewis P., & Martinez K.
Secondary TitleDigital Culture and Heritage. Proceedings of ICHIM05.Paris
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics Europe (AMIE)
Place PublishedParis, France
Keywordsichim, ichim05, integration by ontology, semantic mediation

?Infodiversity?, that is different ways of structuring information and of defining the content of information, exists among museums, and between museums and libraries. It is neither desirable nor feasible to standardise the practices of all kinds of cultural heritage institutions, as each of them has specific objectives and needs for specific applications. Standardisation and information integration can be achieved at a higher level, through mediation systems that interpret the semantics of each distinct data structure. This process is made possible by semantic reference models, such as the CIDOC CRM in the case of the European-funded SCULPTEUR project, to which the various data structures are mapped. A demonstration of one such mediation tool, the Concept Browser, developed as part of the SCULPTEUR project, follows.