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HyperMilano: hypermedia navigation in a city information point

TitleHyperMilano: hypermedia navigation in a city information point
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGarzotto, F., Mainetti L., & Paolini P.
Secondary TitleMuseums and Interactive Multimedia: Selected papers from the second International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums
Keywordsaccess, design methodology, design standard, development, guidelines, HDM, hypermedia design, ICHIM93, information architecture, navigation, user interfaces

This paper discusses design issues and information access paradigms in HyperMilano, a hypermedia information point about Milano. The static design of HyperMilano follows the guidelines of HDM - the Hypertext Design Model - which provides powerful constructs to define consistent and well organise hypermedia structures. HyperMilano supports different paradigms of information access. Free navigation allows exploration of the network without any constraint. Guided navigation, particularly suitable for novice users, to leads the reader across a set of information structures in a rigid manner, dynamically hiding the most complex connections. Various guided navigation patterns have been defined in HyperMilano: linear guided tours, nested guided tours, branched guided tours, lattice guided tours, and automatic guided tours. Finally, que y-based navigation allows the definition of a starting point for exploration through a query, and allows the user to navigate the query results in free or guided mode.