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Hide&SEEK Cultural Knowledge

TitleHide&SEEK Cultural Knowledge
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsGiles, T., & Marianek M.
Secondary TitleInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting - ICHIM07: Proceedings
Conference Start DateOctober 24-26
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedToronto, Ontario, Canada
EditorTrant, J., & Bearman D.
Keywordsexperiential mapping, landmarking, mobile-tech, psychogeography, social networking, street game

Hide&SEEK is a project that developed a street game experience as an opportunity to evoke cultural knowledge transfer. The concept of sharing place-based knowledge is guided by a story, where Hosts and Guests (the players in the game) exchange culture via web enabled mobile devices in physical place. The personalized adventure route is the Host's responsibility to publish and send to a specific Guest. The Guest then has the opportunity to explore an unknown place through an unraveling of a series of questions or clues, leading them through a particular spatial experience. The social experience of sharing cultural knowledge is the motivation behind playing the game. Together the participants' efforts build a network of memorable cultural artifacts that await to be discovered again in the future.