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Electronic Guidebooks and Visitor Attention

TitleElectronic Guidebooks and Visitor Attention
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWoodruff, A., Aoki P. M., Hurst A., & Szymanski M.
Secondary TitleInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting: Proceedings from ichim01
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedMilano, Italy / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
EditorBearman, D., & Garzotto F.
Keywordsichim, ICHIM01

We describe an electronic guidebook prototype and report on a study of its use in a historic house. Supported by mechanisms in the guidebook, visitors constructed experiences that had a high degree of interaction with three entities: the guidebook, their companions, and the house and its contents. In this paper, we report a qualitative analysis of how different properties of the guidebook helped or hindered visitors' attempts to balance the competing demands of these attentional entities. Based on the visitors' comments and behavior, we distill a set of design principles.