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Digi Arts On-Line Project

TitleDigi Arts On-Line Project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsWagner, T., & Giannetti C.
Secondary TitleInternational Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting: Proceedings from ichim03
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics
Place PublishedÉcole du Louvre, Paris, France
EditorPerrot,(d. 2007), X.
KeywordsAfrica, Asia, Caribbean, digi arts, digital, e- learning, ichim, ichim03, Latin America, media art history, technology.

The UNESCO Digi-Arts sub-portal deals extensively with the following areas: electronic and digital arts, music using technology; interdisciplinary studies of the media art and the sciences; and the initiation of young people to possibilities to create with digital tools. The Digi-Arts project aims to encourage information exchange among artists, theoreticians, scientists and technicians from different geo-cultural regions, so as to promote the transfer of knowledge among countries of the North and the South. Tereza Wagner will briefly present the objectives and philosophy of Digi-Arts portal, which is one of UNESCO's major initiatives in the field of digital arts. Claudia Giannetti, director of MECAD/ESDi, will explain the collaboration with UNESCO in the development of two areas of DIGI-ARTS portal: Knowledge and Research, and Online Training and Capacity Building. The research general objective is to generate new knowledge and documentation, which extend the historical vision of the Media Art, including the artistic contributions of outside countries from economically developed geographic scope. Therefore the theoretical research lies in rewriting the history of Media Art from the little-known perspective of the “periphery”: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The results of this first part of the research will be online at October 2003, and the contents navigation will be accessible by countries, geographical regions, name of artists, fields and - for advanced search by concepts and key words - database. The training project consists of a series of online seminar, whose main objectives are to facilitate access to specialized formation to young people, university students around the world, interested in the creative use of technology. The e- learning methodology and platform have into account the intention of giving free access to the largest possible number of participants/students, and the use of collaborative modules.