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A Standards Framework for Digital Library Programmes

TitleA Standards Framework for Digital Library Programmes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKelly, B., Russell R., Johnston P., Dunning A., Hollins P., & Phipps L.
Secondary TitleDigital Culture and Heritage. Proceedings of ICHIM05.Paris
PublisherArchives & Museum Informatics Europe (AMIE)
Place PublishedParis, France
Keywordsdigital libraries, frameworks, guidelines, ichim, ichim05, open standards, policies

This paper describes a layered approach to selection and use of open standards which is being developed for digital library development work within the UK. This approach reflects the diversity of the technical environment, the service provider's environment, the user requirements and maturity of standards by separating contextual aspects; technical and non-technical policies; the selection of appropriate solutions and the compliance layer. To place the layered approach in a working context, case studies are provided of the types of environments in which the standards framework could be implemented, from an established standards-based service, to a new service in the process of selecting and implementing metadata standards. These examples serve to illustrate the need for such frameworks.