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Save the Date: Producing Calendar Content for Multiple Platforms

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Audiences expect to find information about museum events and exhibitions in many formats using a variety of devices. Some people may use their local community paper to find a listing of the next weekend’s events but many others will use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops—or seek instant access to the information once they’ve arrived at a destination.

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The Trade in Digital: Partnerships and Collaboration in the Content Economy

Timothy Hart, Director Information, Multimedia and Technology, Museum Victoria, Australia


In our massively connected world content is indeed king and museums if they take a close look, will find themselves, well placed to deliver highly sought after content to an ever expanding audience. Collaboration is emerging as the critical enabler in taking full advantage of the opportunities now available for the delivery of museum online content. Collaboration needs to be both internal and external. The number and quality of national data services now operating is making museum content available for researchers and the public in numbers and types unimaginable only a few years ago. The ground work is laid in most large museums to allow them to participate in providing access to the full range and wonder possible in museum generated content.

Keywords: collaboration, collections, content, data, partnerships, opportunity, economy, research, Australia