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Published: March 1999.


Lorna Abungu

Chairman, NMK Internet/Multimedia Committee
National Museums of Kenya
P.O. Box 40658

Lorna Abungu holds a degree in Archaeology/Museology from the University of the State of New York, with post-graduate training in archaeologicalconservation and photography at the Institute of Archaeology in London. She holds a Certificate in Advanced Internet and Web Design from Kenyatta University's 'African Virtual University' - a World bank-funded project.

Since joining the National Museums of Kenya in 1989 as a coastal archaeologist, she has been the coordinator of the Regional Centre for Archaeological Study. Over the years, she has diversified her work and been involved with numerous exhibit and public programmes both at Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa and at NMK headquarters in Nairobi. She is the Editor of a regional archaeological bulletin, 'MVITA', and Editor-in-Chief of the NMK's newest public-oriented magazine, 'Horizons'. She has published several articles on archaeology and cultural heritage management.

In 1998, she intitated the formation of the museum's Internet Multimedia Working Group, which she currently chairs. The Group is not only responsible for the maintenence of the NMK's web site, but also for in-house staff training on the internet, web design and database mangement, and development of new multimedia projects. The latter includes such projects as: interactive educational CD-ROMs, electronic publications, video editing/titling, photo imaging for electronic mangement of NMK scientific databases, development of searchable databases, exhibits and collections on-line, interactive solutions to exhibits and other public-based activities at NMK headquarters and the regional museums.

Lorna presented Connectivity, Collaboration and Culture: Challenges of African Museums on the Web