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Published: March 1999.


Slavko Milekic

Hampshire College
Office of Internet Communications & Knowledge Exchange
893 West St.
Amherst MA
01002 USA

Slavko Milekic holds both a medical degree and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (University of Connecticut). He is actively conducting research in the area of interface design suitable for computer uses in art education and touchscreen-based environments as an interface solution for young children. His unique (US patent pending) design for a child-friendly digital environment, KiddyFace, is currently used at the Speed Art Museum (Louisville, KY) to make parts of the museum collection accessible even to the youngest patrons. As a member of the New England Technology Resource Team Slavko Milekic often leads workshops on the educational uses of technology. In the Fall of 1997 Dr Milekic founded the AWAKE (Association for Worldwide Academic Knowledge Exchange) program at Hampshire College with the goal of providing WWW-based social environments suitable for knowledge exchange. The following year, the AWAKE program offered support for the first international collaboratively taught course at Hampshire College. For his courses in the area of the Psychology of the Human/Computer Interaction Slavko Milekic received several grants from the Lemelson National Program in Innovation, Invention and Creativity. He is currently collaborating in writing and production of one of the first college level interactive CD ROM's for MIT Press.

Slavko presented Collaborative Digital Environments for Art Education / Exploration
Slavko presented Digital Interfaces for Art & Science Exploration for Special Populations