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Published: March 1999.


Managing Your Museum Web Site

Naree Wongse-Sanit , Getty Education Institute for the Arts, USA
Jim Angus , Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, USA

Session: Workshop 2

Workshop Resources:

Can there be any doubt that the future of museum education will be linked to the World Wide Web? The Web presents a wonderful opportunity to invite or extend a museum visit by making available activities, resources and information which are otherwise too difficult or expensive to distribute by traditional means. The goal of this all day, hands-on workshop is to discuss and present practical information on the planning, development, promotion and maintenance of educational web sites. Topics will include:

  • planning, budgeting and fundraising

  • devising content and design guidelines and standards

  • HTML 4, meta data, CGI programming

  • web graphics, file formats, image maps and backgrounds

  • universal design and accessibility considerations

  • marketing, monitoring site usage, maintenance

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County was selected by Museums and the Web in 1997 in the category "Best Educational Use" Web site. ArtsEdNet, the Web site of the Getty Education Institute, was a finalist in the 1997 ComputerWorld Smithsonian Awards.