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Published: March 1999.


SAGRES - A Virtual Museum

Ana Carolina Bertoletti , Museu de Ciencias e Tecnologia/PUCRS, Brazil
Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa , Escola de Informática-UCPEL, Brazil

Session: Demonstrations 1

Most of the virtual museums in the Web are sites that offer on-line learning resources, inviting the visitor to investigate and to explore the information available. The SAGRES system is a virtual museum that seeks a cooperation between museum and schools in order to create a new educational environment that provides the continuous education, allowing, the community in general, access to whole information of the museum. The SAGRES system is an environment one built on the Web, that facilitates the presentation of information bases of the museum, in a way which is adapted to the individual characteristics of each visitor. The interaction with the system can occur individually or in groups of students. In this way, the system offers resources to support some forms of cooperative learning, allowing visitors to interact both synchronously and asynchronously, and both locally, inside the museum, and non-locally, in places geographically distant from the museum. On the other hand, the cooperation processes can be either of a private form, restricted to the components of a given group (students of a given school or class), or of a universal form, open to all the users. In both cases, users can publish documents and exchange messages, in order to make it easier to share experiences. According to the experience level, background knowledge, preferences and choices of activities and subjects indicated by the visitors, the system determines the kind of appropriate information (set of links) for each user or particular group of users and presents it on a resulting HTML page. The system is being developed in the Museum of Sciences and Technology at PUCRS (MCT) - Porto Alegre, Brazil.