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Published: March 1999.


Directing Traffic to Your Website

Mark Harden , The Artchive, USA

Session: Building Traffic to Your Site

You've used proper design principles to build an effective museum web site. Your content and its display are certain to stimulate and entertain your visitors. Now how do you get them to drop by? This paper will discuss proven strategies for developing traffic on your web site. Various means of making your web site known will be presented, including establishing links and effective search engine seeding. Offline, non-World Wide Web possibilities for publicity will be explored, along with the importance of an effective domain name.

The paper will assess how effective site design and fresh content can encourage visitors to return again and again. The paper will address the use of analytical tools such as access logs to track where your visitors came from and how they utilized your site. User feedback is critical to making the visitor feel a part of your site, and strategies to encourage online participation will be discussed.

By effectively publicizing your site and ensuring the visitor a satisfying and stimulating experience, you can build more than a museum web site: you can build an online community.