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Published: March 1999.


Panel Discussion

Scott A. Sayre , Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA
Robin Dowden , Walker Art Center, USA
James Blackaby , Walker Art Center, USA
Jennifer Trant , Art Museum Image Consortium, USA

Session: After the Honeymoon: Managing a Multiple-Institution Collaboration

Recent trends in funding opportunities and technological capabilities are encouraging more and more organizations to form multi-institutional collaborations. The growing capabilities and cost effectiveness of using technology, primarily the internet, to forge new multi-institutional collaborations is very attractive, but carries with it many often unforeseen commitments and compromises. While these collaborations hold many advantages, they also provide many new types of challenges. This panel will explore many of these issues, and what can be done to develop the most effective collaboration with the least surprises.

ArtsConnectEd is a large-scale collaborative project between The Minneapolis Insatiate of Arts and the Walker Art Center that provides public Internet access to integrated collections and educational resources from both institutions. Over one year into the project, panelists will share their insights on the economic, technical, political and philosophical advantages and issues encountered in such a partnership. Panelists will include project managers, an educational specialist and a contracted technical project consultant. The panel will also demonstrate the resulting ArtsConnectEd project. AMICO is addressing similar issues on a larger, national level while we look at the challenges and benefits at a local statewide level. Within this context we will also discuss how simultaneous participation in both projects can be mutually beneficial to both projects. Key points will include:

1. The necessity of identifying and establishing shared procedures, standards, and roles.

2. Leveraging institutional and individual strengths into mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Achieving the proper balance between pursuing collaborative goals and maintaining institutional identity.

ArtsConnectEd can be accessed at

AMICO can be accessed at