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Published: March 1999.


Russian Museum Web Sites

Olga Kissel , State Russian Museum, Russia
Tatyana Kolpakova , State Russian Museum, Russia

Session: Demonstrations 1

During hundreds of years the most important function of the museum was the preservation and conservation of art objects. Only now, during the past several years museums function as an educational centre with different exhibitions, programs and events becoming more and more important. With well designed Web Sites, there may come a day when the number of "virtual guests" of the museum will be much larger than the number of "real" visitors.

The aim of the museum should be not only to develop a museum site on the Internet but to create the virtual museum. This virtual museum might then influence the development of the real museum, even help to reorganise it, The actual museum is only one presentation of the museum's information, now it is possible to show the museum's information in many new ways.

The State Russian Museum is the educational centre of 238 art museums in Russia. We started the project "Russian art museums to the Internet" in which we help the staff of the museums to develop their sites. The information for these sites will be placed on the server of the State Russian Museum in St.Petersburg.