Speaker: Stefano De Caro
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Stefano De Caro

General Director
Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage
General-Directoratre for Antiquities
Via di San Michele, 22
00153 Italy

Stefano De Caro is General Director for Antiquities within the Italian Ministry of Culture, as well as a University lecturer, archaeology researcher and editor of several scientific journals in the cultural field. Prior to these, De Caro had held the position of Regional Director for Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Campania region. Throughout his career as an archaeology researcher and University lecturer, De Caro has published a significant amount of scientific publications in the field of archaeology, held courses and invited guest talks for a large number of prestigious academic centers in Europe, and contributed as chief-editor for various scientific journals. De Caro has been awarded honorific distinctions from Italian and French state officials for his cultural merits.

Stefano will present In Search of Novel Ways to Design Large Cultural Heritage Websites. [Paper]