Speaker: Paula Bray
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Paula Bray

Manager Visual & Digitisation Services
Powerhouse Museum
500 Harris Street
Sydney NSW
1238 Australia

Paula is the Manager of Visual & Digitisation Services at the Powerhouse Museum that includes: Photography, The Image Resource Centre, The Photo Library and Rights and Permissions and Audio Visual. She has worked in imaging sections for other cultural organisations in Sydney including: Art Gallery NSW, State Library NSW and the National Maritime Musuem. She studied photography at the College of Fine Arts doing a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Art. She manages the Museum’s photostreams on Flickr including the Commons project, showcases work done by the Museum photographers, licensing them under Creative Commons and runs the Photo of the Day blog. She is committed to making Powerhouse Museum content accessible and is passionate about the role photography is playing in social media particularly with community sites such as Flickr. Requires very strong coffee!

Paula will present Common Ground:A community-curated meetup. Aa case study.. [Paper]