Speaker: Susan Rowley
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Susan Rowley

Museum of Anthropology
6393 NW Marine Dr
Vancouver BC
V6T 1Z2 Canada

Susan Rowley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and a Curator at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at the University of British Columbia. She first travelled north in 1974 as a field assistant on an archaeological excavation in northern Baffin Island and was captivated by the people and the land. Sue has worked with Inuit elders on historical research and with Inuit youth on archaeology projects. She is currently working with First Nations communities in British Columbia. Sue is a member of the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN) Steering Group. This committee is tasked with overseeing the RRN. Recently she worked on installation of the new Multiversity Galleries - Ways of Knowing at MOA. She also acted as Lab of Archaeology Lead on the ‘A Partnership of Peoples” project. Her personal research interests include public archaeology, material culture studies, representation, repatriation, intellectual property rights and access to information on cultural heritage.

Susan will present Building an online research community: The Reciprocal Research Network. [Paper]