April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Interactions: Description

Visioid: The Interactive and Multimédia Mobile Solution

Romaric DeFrance, Scopitone, France

How to offer a better experience to visitors, before and after an exhibition? This paper presents Visioid, an iPhone and Android based application for museums and exhibitors. It offers a 360° view of a room hyperlinked to multimedia content. Touch screens offers easy access to audio/video and slideshows though the panoramic picture. Once installed using the mobile network, Visioid can connect to 3G or wifi to download new content from our servers. Exhibitors choose how content is available: free, pay-to-download, wifi access..

Briefing: Exhibitor Talk: Scopitone [updates]

Keywords: mobile technologies, multimedia, 360 degree view, touch screen, android, iphone