April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Demonstrations: Description

Exhibitions enhanced by AR technology: Exploring new visions with widely available iPhone and its application

Junko Iwabuchi, Keio University, Japan

The AR Commons is a voluntary non‐profit organization promoting the practical use and implementation of multidimensional information visualization with AR(Augmented Reality)technologies and serving as a platform for the realization of innovative areas in academic research and lifestyle solutions for the Information Technology environment of the 21st century.

Prof. Iwabuchi and her colleague, Assoc. Prof. Kato at Keio University, Tokyo in conjunction with Prof. Akamatsu of IAMAS, Gifu are the founders of AR Commons and they are currently promoting experimentations of a free iPhone application called "Sekai Camera" in museum environment. The Sekai Camera enables the viewers to see various information (still images, texts, audio, movies) layered in space above actual (physically existing) objects when viewed through iPhone.

The presenter(s) will demonstrate how "Sekai Camera" works with museum content by showing implemented example at the museum of City of Sciences and Industries in Paris and other locations in Tokyo in video. Conference attendee are invited to download the application and experiment AR tagging, posting pictures, audio files and short movies on site themselves.

The Sekai Camera has been available worldwide since December 21, 2009 as a free iPhone application. The Sekai Camera, or its modified version, will be soon available also on androids and various types of smart phones.

Demonstration: Demonstrations II [Close Up]

Keywords: AR,Augmented Reality,iPhone,mobile device, smart phone, iPhone application