April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Demonstrations: Description

Use of webcam-based eye-tracking for museum outreach & research

Slavko Milekic, The University of the Arts, USA
Matthew Miller, The University of the Arts, USA
Gareth Roberts, The University of the Arts, USA

This demonstration is of a Webcam-based eye-tracking device and its possible uses in:

  1. design of museum Web sites;
  2. distance education;
  3. museum studies research (data collection);
  4. browsing online galleries;
The prototypes of webcam-based eyetracking applications were built as a part of StudioNext project at the University of the Arts (Philadelphia)and included students from Multimedia department, Industrial Design and Masters Program in Industrial Design.

The main point of the demonstration is to show that any modern laptop with a built-in web camera can also be used as (somewhat primitive but efficient) eye-tracking device, and introduce a new level of interactions between Web-based content and users.

Demonstration: Demonstrations II [Close Up]

Keywords: museum studies, eye-tracking, gaze-tracking, web-cam eyetracker