April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Demonstrations: Description

Creativity Resources, an online teacher resource from the Denver Art Museum

Patterson Williams, Denver Art Museum, USA
Ellen Spangler, Denver Art Museum

Creativity Resource is a fairly basic teacher resource online using the Denver Art Museum collections to help teachers teach creativity in by having access in their classrooms to museum quality works of art that represent a wide variety of creative approaches to solving problems and making art.

Creativity Resource website has 100 artworks online, each with a variety of accompanying resources:

  • High-quality digital images of the artworks (some as 360º-view rotatable images)
  • Art information describing who made the artwork, what inspired it, and specific things to look for (with detailed images)
  • Lesson plans and teaching ideas for early childhood (ages 3 to 5), elementary (grades K to 5), and secondary (grades 6 to12) students that often combine visual and language arts learning
  • External resources for each artwork (such as supplemental websites, books, videos, and music clips that teachers can incorporate into lessons)

In this demonstration we will present Creativity Resources website and discuss content and DAM and community partnerships that contributed to the shape and form of the project. We will share evaluation research done with a small sample of users and discuss things we wish we had done better. And we will discuss the reasons for choosing the theme of creativity as the foundation for the content development.

Demonstration: Demonstrations - 1 [Close Up]

Keywords: creativity, lesson plans, art, teachers, language arts, visual arts