April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

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Louis Kahn Trenton Bath House

Vivian Ducat, Ducat Media LLC, USA

The Louis Kahn Bath House Web site showcases an iconic building in the architectural ouevre of Louis Kahn and highlights the role of the buidling as a turning point in his career. At the same time, the site offers rich contextual material and text for the building, examining the exodus of Jews out of cities like Trenton after World War 2 which led to the creation of new institutions such as the Jewish Community Center or JCC, the original use of the so-called Louis Kahn Bath House. This rich-content website and podcast tells those intertwined stories through participant-memory video, archival images and ephemera, podcast tour and overall design that is in keeping with the look and feel of the Kahn Bath House.

The website was created by the Ducat Media team, working internationally (designer and developers based in Bogota, Colombia, copyeditor in Toronto, writer, project manager, video team and image researcher in the New York/New Jersey area.) Our client was the Department of Planning for Mercer County New Jersey where they see bus loads of visiting architects from abroad arriving at the Kahn site and have heretofore not had contextual material with which to explain the structure or the various movements both architectural and social that contributed to the building's existence. The website will serve as a pre- and post visit source, and will offer podcasts and maps to be used during an actual visit.

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Keywords: Kahn, architecture, Jews, Trenton, Bathhouse, podcast