April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Sessions: Abstract

Developing Web Applications for Museum Professionals: A CollectionSpace Case Study and Status Report   go to paper

Colin Clark, University of Toronto, Canada
Carl Goodman, Museum of the Moving Image, USA
Patrick Schmitz, CollectionSpace, USA
Dan Sheppard, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

CollectionSpace is an ambitious multi-institutional project dedicated to the development of an open-source, Web-based software application for collections management and information access. The use of CollectionSpace software will help bring core collections management procedures and related functionality into the Web 2+ era and has the potential to redefine the ways in which collections information is captured, managed, preserved, and leveraged. In service of this goal, CollectionSpace has introduced innovative approaches to application customization and extensibility. It also conforms to Web-based technical and design standards that Museum professionals increasingly expect.

Session: The State of Open Source [technology]

Keywords: Web applications, collections management, Web 2.0, open source, services oriented architecture