April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA



Quite Simply–INVIONI helps museums, cultural institutions and civic organizations formulate and execute successful e-initiatives. Combining experience strategy and design expertise with a passion for interpretive/research-oriented online exhibits, INVIONI is expert at gaining and holding the interests of audiences as they're guided to tangible, significant outcomes. Having been recognized by the AASLH, The Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, Communication Arts, The United Nations, and others for its work in e-Culture, INVIONI is now focused almost entirely on the e-Culture space and is excited to participate in this community on an every increasing level. INVIONI is led by John Lenker, online communications philosopher and author of "Train Of Thoughts: Designing The Effective Web Experience (New Riders, 2002)," and Maureen Otwell, former assistant director for museums at the Minnesota Historical Society. Although past projects have been completed for larger institutions, INVIONI is now also placing a significant emphasis on fulfilling its mission to offer service packages and tools that make it affordable for even the smallest organizations to publish exciting, dynamic and meaningful cultural works online.


John Lenker
686 Country Lane
Delano MN
55328 USA