April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Guide by Cell


Guide by Cell turns cell phones into mobile technology hosted tours. We're the largest provider of cell phone, text messaging and podcasting services with over 500 clients worldwide. Create text message and audio content easily over our 24/7 web-based administrative site. Visitors use their cell phones to call in and listen to information, or text into an assigned shortcode with a keyword and receive information back on their phone. Interact with your visitors, collect feedback, and establish dynamic relationships. Visitors can sign up for text message alerts, text message subscription lists, play text message games, learn more information about the exhibit, and much more! Guide by Cell also provides real-time web statistics that show amazing information about your visitors. Embrace the spirit of mobile 2.0 to promote your institution!


Dave Asheim
Guide by Cell Inc.
300 Beale Street, Suite 608
San Francisco CA
94105-2096 USA