April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


zincRoe design


zinc Roe is an award-winning studio specializing in creating engaging websites, games and activities for kids and youth. Our team of experienced staff provides services ranging from interface design, back end programming, and game design to user testing and consulting. We apply the same principles of efficiency, simplicity, portability, and usability to our programming as we do to our graphic design.

Flexibility, attention to detail and a commitment to effective use of technology are our strengths. The key to our success is a tight integration between design and technology. In addition to our in-house team of programmers and designers, we have a strong network of illustrators, musicians, writers and content experts who all love working with kids. We reach our audience through activities that invite them to create, explore and participate. Our clients include the Toronto Public Library, Vancouver2010 Olympics, Canada Council for the Arts, and National Geographic.

zinc Roe is the creator of Softcover – an application designed for the presentation and annotation of archival books and documents. Softcover brings bring documents to life through the addition of text, image and video annotations. Softcover documents can be published online and displayed through touch screen kiosks.


Jason Krogh
zinc Roe design
487 Adelaide St. W.
Toronto ON
M5V1T4 Canada