Speaker: Jesse Allison
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Jesse Allison

Virtual Worlds Research Specialist
Ball State University
Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts
Center for Media Design, BC220
2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie IN
47306 USA

Jesse Allison is a sonic and installation artist who explores the confluence of technology, interaction, and sound. His compositions and installations have been performed and exhibited around the globe. Mr. Allison serves as Virtual Worlds Research Specialist through the Institute for Digital Art and Animation (IDIAA) at Ball State University and is also President of Hardware Engineering of Electrotap, LLC, an innovative media arts technology firm. Through his research at IDIAA, he has developed several instructional and artistic bridges into and out of virtual space through a variety of input and output methods. His artistic passion lies in exploring ways for people to interact with technology and using that technology to stretch perceived performance and structural

Jesse will demonstrate Hybrid Realities: Visiting the Virtual Museum. [Demonstration]