Speaker: Steve Gardam
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Steve Gardam

Head of Corporate Education
Imperial War Museum
Lambeth Road
SE1 6HZ United Kingdom

Steve has worked at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) since July 2007. He has been heavily involved in the National Museums Online Learning Project (NMOLP) since then, joining the NMOLP Executive Group in 2008. Along with e-learning, Steve's role is to coordinate the sharing of best practice in education across the five IWM branches around the UK. His previous web work includes establishing a new Plone content management system for the British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) in 2005-06 and then introducing the first 'postal heritage wiki' for the BPMA. Steve is particularly interested in creating and sustaining a successful integration of online and real-world learning.

Steve will lead Developing effective e-Learning resources: a practical guide. [Workshop]
Steve will demonstrate Creative Spaces - National Museums Online Learning Project. [Demonstration]