Speaker: Harry Verwayen
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Harry Verwayen

Project Manager, Images for the Future
Keizersgracht 174
PO Box 2960
Amsterdam Noord Holland
1000 CZ The Netherlands

Harry is senior advisor content & services for ‘Images for the Future’. One of the main questions he works on is how to optimally disclose digital cultural heritage. Digitization of photos, films, and writings is a challenge in itself, but Harry is mainly interested in the what, where, and how of implementing the resulting content: what does digitization mean for copyrights? What kind of business models can we think of to make content widely available, and at the same time ensure revenue streams? Which characteristics do innovative services need in order to be successful? In other words, how can we profit from investments into our cultural heritage, as a society and as a knowledge economy?

Harry got his experience from scientific publishers Kluwer Academic and Springer; for the second he headed the Business Development section. He derived his interest in publishing processes (identifying, organizing, adding value to, and distributing historically valuable content) from his first professional love, IDC Publishers. This organization, currently part of Koninklijke Brill has been carrying its slogan, ‘Bringing History to the Future’, for more than 50 years. As a born-and-raised historicist, this appealed to Harry then and still does now. Having wondered the international academic circuit for ten years, stopping at Paris and New York, Harry has taken a liking to the commuter service between The Hague and Amsterdam. Although it stops dead his frequent flyer mileage, it gives him much substantive satisfaction: ‘history is a travel through the gardens of the spirit’ (Johan Huizinga).

Harry will present Images for the Future: digitisation for access. [Mini-Workshop]