Speaker: Tiffany Leason
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Tiffany Leason

Indianapolis Museum of Art
4000 Michigan Road
Indianapolis IN
46208-3326 USA

Tiffany Leason is the Project Administrator in Museum Information Systems at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She previously was the Project Coordinator for Steve: The Art Museum Social Tagging Project. This consortium of U.S. art museums undertook an IMLS-funded research project which explored whether social tagging could enhance access to and create engagement with museum collections. Tiffany has worked in the museum field for fifteen years spanning a wide range of departments and most recently has been involved in research and evaluation related to the visitor experience online and in the galleries. For the past several years, she has been part of a cross-departmental team that develops The Viewing Project: a three-year series of installations designed to offer visitors creative and enjoyable experiences with objects from the IMA's permanent collection. Tiffany advocates for the visitor assuming an expanded role as collaborator with the museum by incorporating an action research approach and user-generated content in art museum installations. Tiffany received her Bachelors in Anthropology and Masters in Museum Studies from Indiana University.

Tiffany will present Steve in Action: Social Tagging Tools and Methods Applied. [Mini-Workshop]