Speaker: Johan Oomen
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Johan Oomen

Manager European R&D projects
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Sumatralaan 45
postbus 1060
Hilversum Utrecht
The Netherlands

Johan Oomen is managing the R&D department of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, part of the Images for the Future project project team. He has been appointed in this position in 2008, but has been working at Sound and Vision since 2000. He is mainly working on externally funded R&D projects and managing the in-house deployment of Digital Asset Management technology.

EU funded projects include: 2006 - 2008 Project Manager (Sound and Vision part of) FP6 project MultiMATCH, 2006 - Technical Director eContentplus project Video Active, 2007 - Project Manager (Sound and Vision part of) FP6 project VIDI-Video, 2006 - Project Manager (Sound and Vision part of) FP6 project P2P-FUSION, 2008 - Project Manager (Sound and Vision part of) FP7 project LiWA, 2008 - Project Manager (Sound and Vision part of) eContentplus project STERNA, 2009 - Project Manager (Sound and Vision WP4 part of) FP7 project PRESTOPRIME

Also, he part of the research groups of CHOICE, MUNCH, BRIDGE, AGORA (all funded by the NWO council) and MultimediaN. He has also worked for the British Universities Film and Video Council and the Holland Media Group. He worked on various EC funded projects in the 5th Framework and the MEDIA programme of the EU, including VICAR, ECHO, AMICITIA and BIRTH.

Since 2001, he has been editor of the "Webstroom", the working group funded by the Dutch SURF, and member of the steering group. Also, he is the General Secretary of the International DIVERSE network on the same topic.

He has presented project results at various leading conferences and has been involved in the organisation of * The DIVERSE conference 2004 & 2008 * Strategies for a European area of digital cultural resources Conference 2004 * European Television History Network conference 2005 * Workshop on Ontology-Driven Interoperability for Cultural Heritage Objects 2007 * Conference on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR) 2007 * Economies of the Commons 2008 * IACH 2008.

Johan will present Images for the Future: digitisation for access. [Mini-Workshop]