April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Taking Control of Your Website's Destiny

Kim Glover, MUSEO Group, USA

We know many of the challenges that museums face. You have limited budgets, revolving door staff changes and a knowledge base that gets chipped away every time a department shifts. In order to take real advantage of your expanded web audience you must empower your staff to contribute content so your museum's website remains fresh and engaging. The challenge is finding a content management system that works for your specific institution.

At a minimum your Web site platform should allow you to:

  • Create unlimited pages
  • Manage images and assets
  • Broadcast advocacy emails
  • Process membership and contribution transactions securely
  • Cross promote content
  • Administer programs and events

All bundled under a simple, easy to use interface that doesn't require contributors to know a single line of code.

Together we'll tour three content management systems meant to fit varying levels of available resources and budgets - including those that can only spring for freeware. This way you can make an informed, non-technical decision as to which platform is best suited for your organization. You can create a beautiful, branded, user-friendly site that will allow you to take the content that's currently at your fingertips and put it in front of your constituents - even if you don't know or have internal support for CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, PHP and numerous other languages.

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