April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Learning in the galleries using portable devices, websites and digital content

Paul Clifford, Museum of London, United Kingdom

The Museum of London will be opening a state of the art Clore Learning Centre in 2009 using cutting edge blended learning equipment and techniques. The centre will use a wide range of technologies such as wi-fi, green screen, video conferencing, webcasting, film, sound and animation in a dedicated ICT Room as well as three multi-function rooms.

As part of this developing learning paradigm the museum is delivering a plethora of sessions that will be gallery based using a range of portable equipment including PSPs, mobile projectors, mobile phones and MP4 players using websites and authored digital content in innovative ways with the full range of museum audiences in mind.

The Museum of London would like to showcase some of these sessions to the participants of Museums and the Web 2009.

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Keywords: portable media players, mobile devices, portable projectors, websites, galleries, education, learning