April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Now there is a second opportunity to make a first impression - Cancelled

Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

This workshop has been cancelled.

Stake a claim for your museum in Second Life

This is the time to get your hands virtually dirty digging in SL dust. This workshop introduces you to the tools you will need to create a functioning, web-linked museum shop, curate your own 'real' exhibition, or set up your museums' front desk in-world.

Participants should bring a laptop; feel comfortable 'walking with their avatar', and be able to ask the right questions, such as:

  • Will I be able to curate an entire exhibition in just half a day?
  • If I build a SL shop will people be able to purchase museum gifts and publications both online and in-world?
  • If I set up a front desk for my museum, and instruct an enthusiastic group of volunteers to people it (avatar it?) will I learn how to promote it in this workshop?
  • If my museum has a robust presence in Second Life, will it spill over into other online platforms?
  • And, will I be able to take this workshop, go back to my museum and say 'we need to do this today and I know how to do it'?

If you believe that the answers to all of these questions are in the affirmative then you could find this a useful workshop for you.

Susan Hazan (in the room) and in-world professionals will lead this workshop.

Participants should bring a laptop.

Workshop: Second Life [Morning]

Keywords: second live, virtual worlds