April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Workshops: Description

Programming the iPhone/iPod touch for your museum

Bert Degenhart Drenth, Adlib Information Systems BV, The Netherlands

Apple's iPhone (and iPod touch) are a new generation handheld device that can be used in museums for a variety of tasks. This includes use as an audio/video guide or a mobile access point to the collection management system.

The iPhone can run two types of applications, Web-based applications and "native" applications.

This workshop exlains how a museum can create their own web and native applications for the iPhone. What tools are available? What are the pros and cons of Web applications versus native applications? What skills are required to build both types of applications? How can iPhone mobile applications be integrated with existing systems, such as collection management systems.

Workshop: Programming iPhone / iPod Touch [Full Day]

Keywords: iPhone, iPod Touch, programming, interactive tours, collection management, handheld, multimedia