April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Techniques for prioritizing, road-mapping, and staffing your web site: a feature prioritization primer   go to paper

Renee Anderson, Hot Studio, USA

Maybe you’re supposed to overhaul your institution’s Web site. Or maybe you’ve been directed to visualize and implement new on-line initiatives. Other than knowing your stakeholders’ wish lists and extensive ideas for Web site content and features – from blogs to on-line collections – you don’t have a clear plan of action. You don’t even have a defense strategy for why or why not to invest in some of their requests. How, then, can your team drive decision-making? How can you get features implemented based on rational reasons, while balancing institutional goals and audience needs – all without going over budget? This mini-workshop will focus on an often-overlooked core Web site activity: the Feature Prioritization Workshop. You will be introduced to prioritization techniques and tools, how and when to use them, methods for navigating the myriad needs and wants of stakeholders, and some approaches for achieving compromise. You will learn to balance “requirements” with “desires” by using concrete proof points and a convincing defense. And you will also learn about building a phased roadmap that will accommodate the immediate needs of your organization at launch, yet will provide a plan for future iterations and builds.

Mini-Workshop: Redesign: Prioritizing [Mini-Workshop]

Keywords: feature prioritization, scoping, requirements gathering, ranking