Marjo Maenpaa
March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Speakers: Biography

Marjo Mäenpää

Head of the new media program
University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Media Lab
Hameentle 135 C
FIN-00560 Finland

Marjo Mäenpää, Head of the New Media Program for Professionals in University of Art and Design, Helsinki, teacher, researcher and producer. She is doing her PhD about the use of narratives in multimodal museum interfaces and applications. She has MA in philosophy and social sciences at the University of Helsinki and studies in Multimedia Dramaturgy at the Theatre Academy. She lectures in new media management, writing for multimedia, design-for-all and www-design and dramaturgy of new media. She is the coordinator of MUMMI Multimodal Museum Interface -study project and productions (

Marjo will participate in a Best of the Web Awards Presentation. [Panel]