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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:
November 7, 2010

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License
See museum applications demonstrated by the people who created them

Museums and the Web 2003 featured a Museum Professionals' Demonstration Hall on the morning of March 22, 2003 . In this session, museum staff showed work created in a non-profit environment, and explain the workings behind it to their colleagues.

Saturday March 22, 2003
8:00 AM-
9:30 AM

Show and Tell

Your Colleagues - 1

Designing a bilingual virtual archival experience: the Museum of Russian Culture collections at the Hoover Institution Archives

Voices of the Colorado Plateau: Multimedia Exhibits Highlight Cooperative Museum Project

Developing Collaborative Online Collections Using an Open Source Digital Repository: The Quilt Index Case Study

Bringing Less Commonly Spoken Language Resources Online: Galleries of West African Culture and Languages

A Digital Voyage

Preservation Metadata for the Real World: The NC ECHO Preservation Metadata Model

Designing a Web Site for Multiple Audiences

Multilingual database for the Fine Arts Museums of Belgium, Brussels

The Conservator's Studio

Kids Design Network: Live Communication Between Experts and Children

Corridos sin Fronteras

Enhanced Access to Image Resources: Visual Arts Data Service

High quality Virtual exposition over the World Wide Web: the technological approach of the Museum of PURE FORM project.

A Multimedia Approach for Genetics Education

Peabody Museum of Harvard University Collections Online

Seminars on Science: Online Science Courses for Educators

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM

Show and Tell

Your Colleagues - 2

Museum of Glass and the Virtual Hot Shop

Documenting Stories: World War II and Civil Rights Oral Histories

Maine Memory Network, the Advantages and Challenges of the Distributed Input System

Introducing Virtually Missouri

The Nature of the Rideau River - Demonstration

Lies, Damn Lies, and the 'Truth' in Statistics

Celebrating Fine Art Education and Practice in the UK: digital curation and the digital museum

Portraits of Ports, an interactive distance learning website by the New Bedford Whaling Museum

Nimbus: A Museum-friendly Content Management Solution

Online Storytelling: Forests, Fields, and the Falls

National Portrait Gallery's Collections Information System Web Interface

Museophile discussion forums

Developing a publishing workflow for a museum education site with home page versioning for educators, students and families

Let's Get Personal: Adding a Personal Tour to Your Existing Web Site

Guadalajara City Parks

Discover CyberMuse - the National Gallery of Canada's on-line educational tool